Twelve Days of Editing: Day 10 - Put A Rest To Good Use

During the first twelve days of December I'll be posting twelve ways to self-edit. 
Today's Tip: Put A Rest To Good Use

There's always that standby tip to put your book away for awhile so you can distance yourself from it. But don't let that time go to waste! Use it to read more, work on your website/blog, join a social media site and get talking to people, research your next book, or learn something new! You'll need to promote your book when it comes out, so a book's resting period can be a great time to do research on all that stuff. Find books like yours and see how they're being promoted. Merch? Giveaways? Book Blasts? Do you know what you need to about SEO? What about marketing plans? Get friendly with your local librarians (if you're not already) and booksellers or think about places to host a book launch. Dream big.
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