Twelve Days of Editing: Day 11 - Develop (And Break) Habits

During the first twelve days of December I'll be posting twelve ways to self-edit. 
Today's Tip: Develop (And Break) Habits

Habits are great for writers. Ever wonder why your need to pee increases when you get home? Your body expects that you'll visit the loo and so it prepares itself. It's a habit. Sitting down to work at certain times or in certain places can trick your brain into jumping to "writing mode" or "editing mode" and you may find yourself wasting less time spacing out and more time being productive.

On the other hand, if you do happen to really get stuck, switching things up can help as well. If you always write in your house, try visiting a coffee shop. If you always write in the mornings, try writing at night. If you always have background noise like a TV or music, try silence or meditative sounds. Try taking a walk or a shower. New surroundings can jumpstart new ideas or help you unravel the tangles.
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