Dream Home Libraries!

I'm addicted to Houzz, a website that has collections of photographs of various houses and themes from certain colors to pathways, to staircases (I adore staircases!) and everything else you can think of.

They posted one about libraries today and I instantly started drooling.  There are so many awesome libraries that I've seen and I'd love to have any of them!

Libraries can be small:


 Huge wood paneled caverns:

Or small repurposed closets:

I'd take that dark wood-paneled one any day! Check out that spiral staircase to the second level!  There's even a hidden office room behind one of the panels!

If you had unlimited resources, what would your dream library look like?


  1. You got mine with the: Huge wood paneled caverns

  2. Wow, beautiful! I like the charm of the repurposed closet, but mine would most definitely have to be bigger!

    Congrats on your successful garden, by the way!

  3. Love the dark wood one, but that little nook in the last one also looks so cozy, I love that idea, just done in the dark wood haha!

  4. I've always dreamed of the huge wood-panelled type. At least since I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast, if not before that. Though that repurposed closet is adorable (and possibly more feasible for real life) - love the green and the reading nook!

    Word Verification: piness . . . *stifles school-girl giggle*

  5. I definitely would like a library that is dark and wood-panelled and has a moving ladder for hard to reach spots. I was delighted to read that others were inspired by Beauty and the Beast too! I love that library! haha.

  6. Agree with Teresa, love the nook! I watched My Fair Lady again last night, and definitely could handle that library--especially the second story (where he feeds her marbles). Now THERE'S a windy staircase for you!

  7. You know, I started out in love with that big paneled cavern... But you all are making me see the value and near necessity of the nook...

    Less dusting, too!

  8. :O I love, love, love the last one!

  9. Oh, I'm drooling too. I'm headed to that link next to check out more. If I had unlimited resources, I'd have a big room w/high ceilings, all bookshelved in rich wood, including sliding ladders and a reading nook up high reachable only by ladder, and then another reading nook like that re-styled closest, and finally a bay window reading nook too. Oh, and to top it off, the next room over would be a glass-walled conservatory with a fish pond and fountain. :) sorry you asked???

  10. My ideal library would have window seats. The rest is just detail. The window seats are all.

    That repurposed closet, though... now I'm thinking that if I ever get a house with a spare bedroom with a walk-in closet... who am I kidding? Unless I write a bestseller... [returns to typing, wiping drool off keyboard after the first 10 seconds because it's making the keys slippery].



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