We need a little cute around here!

Things have been busy at the Marshall/Brown house. Sandy had her pups on Sunday! Enjoy the cuteness!

Max Monroe Morgan Marilyn Mason Madison Marvin Monty Molly

Max is our resident horse-puppy. Seriously, he's huge. Optimus Prime huge. We affectionately call him Cow.

Monroe is second size-wize. He's pushy, too.

Morgan was the last born. His birth sister Mable didn't live.

Marilyn, Mason, and Madison are nearly identical. Mason has more white on his back, Marilyn has less of a white-tipped tail than Madison.

Marvin was born first, he's sooooo tiny!

Monty's a shover. He wants food and doesn't care who he has to knock over to get it.

I won't lie, Molly's my fav! She's second tiniest to Marvin. I always let the two of them take first dibs when they're hungry. At least until they get bigger. I wish I had a job so that in six weeks i'd be able to keep Molly. But honestly, we don't need another dog in this house. I still covet her though! In fact, I've written this entire post one-handed as Molly sleeps curled up in my other hand nice and warm!

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