My first Ebook Purchase!

I've had an iPad for a couple of years now and I've picked up ebooks before here and there when they go on sale for free or downloaded them from Galley Grab, and Net Galley, but I've never actually purchased one until today.

I saw a tweet this morning from  that Terry Pratchett's The Wee Free Men was only $.99! If you have never read one of Pratchetts books, get thee to a library! And if you have, you know how amazing his 30+ books are.

This one, being the start of the Tiffany Aching series, is one of my favorites of his and solidified his place on my list of best writers of our time. Yeah, he's up there with JK Rowling. 

So yeah, my first ebook purchase. I'm quite proud that it's this!


  1. Great choice. One of my son and my sister and my favorites.

    Rob Anybody...still laughing about that one.



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