Expectations vs. Reality vs. Effort

You've probably seen Hyperbole and a Half's post Expectations vs. Reality  (What? You haven't!  Get thee over here! And subscribe while you're at it!)

So there's this bit about how her expectations about what is going to happen don't always match up to the reality of what does happen.  I yanked a few of her panels to display here, but please do go read the whole post, it's so fab!

So anyway, she thinks she can jump a fence...

But you know what?  Kudos for jumping in the first place.  You had the option to be a lame-arse wuss and walk around to the gate, or maybe you're stuck behind the fence for all eternity because you won't even try to jump over...

But instead, you've taken that leap.  Sure you're a little muddy, but you tried.

And a good try is worth a thousand days of staring at that stupid fence feeling defeated.

To bring it around to writing, sure you have the option of keeping your book to yourself and never trying to query it, or maybe you're too afraid to even write that first page and you're stuck with dreams and a blank document...

So take that leap.  Get it out there.  Let some eyes see it.  Sure, you might end up having to rewrite it, but you tried.

And a few helpful notes from someone is worth a thousand days sitting on your rump not writing at all.

So what are you waiting for?  You never know what can happen if you don't ever try.


  1. Those pictures were so epic they hurt my face.

  2. Thanks for the inspiring post! I've been feeling a bit like the 'after' picture (landing in the mud) right now, so it was nice to read this!

  3. What Shelley said. Except I'm sort of rolling around in that mud right now. I was about to throw my MS in the drawer and forget about it until a certain someone (ahem) suggested posting in a forum for feedback. Glad I listened to her!



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